An Endangered World, Running Out of Time?

Featured in this issue: Worst-Case Scenario: Pakistan Falls to the Taliban, By Neil C. Livingstone; Preparing for the Worst in Cyber Security, By Amit Yoran; The Beslan School Massacre – A Threat with No Easy Solutions, By Patrick D. Bird & Michael Alswede; Isolation, Quarantine, and the Compression of Time, By Joseph Cahill; Field Testing or LRN Laboratories Why Not Both?, By Rob Schnepp; License Plate Readers: Automated Situational Awareness, By Rodrigo (Roddy) Moscoso; A Change in Fashions for the Well-Suited Responder, By Glen Rudner; Mass Prophylaxis: The Brass Ring of Public-Health Preparedness, By Bruce Clements; Questions of Preparedness: A Spring of Tragedy for Law Enforcement, By Joseph Trindal; Massachusetts, California, Montana, and New York, By Adam McLaughlin



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