BioPreparedness, The Shifting Parameters

Featured in this issue: DMORT Teams and Their Role in MFIs, By Frank P. Saul; Biopreparedness and the Hydra of Bioterrorism, By Diana Hopkins; Mortuary Services & The Lessons Learned From Real-Life Tragedy, By Jennifer Smither; Expanded-Duty EMS: Heavy Rescue, By Joseph Cahill; Field-Based Tracking: Real-Time Data Sharing Comes of Age, By Rodrigo (Roddy) Moscoso; Expanding the Definition of Public Health, By Raphael Barishansky; New and Emerging Al Qaeda Threats, By Neil C. Livingstone; Supply on Demand: The Strategic National Stockpile, By Kate Rosenblatt; Ham Radio – An Emergency Tool for Public Health, By Barry Kanne; Case Study: Influenza Preparedness in Marin County, By Mary Lilley; Iran’s Long Reach Into the U.S. Homeland, By Neil C. Livingstone; and Kansas & Oklahoma, Nebraska, Arkansas, and Washington, D.C., By Adam McLaughlin



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