CBRNE 2012

Featured in this issue: CBRN FUNDING: Going Backwards Is Not Smart, By Stephen Reeves; Protecting Subway Riders from a Chemical Attack, By Joselito S. Ignacio; Nationwide Suspicious Activity Reporting (SAR) Initiative (NSI), By W. Ross Ashley; Hospital Preparedness for “Chemical/Detergent” Suicides, By Craig DeAtley; The Detection Triage – A Systematic Approach to Identification, By Glen D. Rudner; Libya’s Missing Chemical Caches: The Weapons of Armageddon?, By Richard Schoeberl; Advances in Medical Countermeasures for Chemical Terrorism, By Bruce Clements; A Helping Hand from CBRN Response Force, By Jamie Stowe; New HazMat Challenges for Modern EMS Units, By Joseph Cahill; Equipment Standardization – A New-Old Approach, By Jordan Nelms; HELP: A New Approach to Volunteer Management, By Tony Lamberth; Narrowing the Search for the Best Detection Devices, By Thomas Norstrand; and Needed: “Off-the-Shelf” Solutions for CBRN, By James Wilcox



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