Communicating & Planning - Before, During, and After a Disaster

Featured in this issue: Before Disaster Strikes: Five Preparedness Measures Every Community Should Know, By Andrew Sachs; The Public Health Role During Mass-Fatality Incidents, By Raphael Barishansky & Audrey Mazurek; The Joplin Tornado: 45 Seconds of Danger, a Lifetime of Lessons, By Craig DeAtley; Public Health and Medical Interoperability Challenges, By Bruce Clements; NLE 2011: Successful Learning, Plus Partnership Building, By Kay C. Goss; Man-Caused Incidents – New Challenges & Systems, By Steve Grainer; Antidotes: The Care and Cure for “What Ails You”, By Joseph Cahill; The New PLAN: Government Alerts Enter the 21st Century, By Rodrigo (“Roddy”) Moscoso; Manmade Disasters and Interoperability, By Omar Alkhalaf; Changing Trends in Maritime Piracy Represent a New Threat, By Michael S. Brewer & Scott Brewer; and California, Nevada, Texas & New Jersey, By Adam McLaughlin



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