Pandemic - Preparedness & Response

Featured in this issue: H1N1: Learning from a Less-Than-Worst-Case Scenario, By Craig DeAtley; Using Regulations to Neutralize Red Tape, By Joseph Cahill; H1N1: A Lesson for Healthcare Preparedness, By Theodore (Ted) Tully; Pandemics Are In The Air, By Diana Hopkins; Compare Your Thoughts with Those From National Experts on…Pandemic Preparedness & Response, Prepared by Dr. Paul Jarris, Executive Director, ASTHO; Summarized by John F. Morton; Using NHSS “To Minimize the Risks”, By Raphael M. Barishansky; Law Enforcement Pandemic Resilience: Time to Recalibrate, By Joseph Trindal; A Mall Setting in Georgia for H1N1 Vaccinations, By Elizabeth Hausauer & Connie Russell; Pandemic Preparedness: Advance Planning Is Mandatory, By JL Smither; and Maine, California, Colorado, and Mississippi, By Adam McLaughlin



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