Protecting the Food Supply

Featured in this issue: Hi-Tech Food Banks & the Safety of Food Supply Chains, By Scott McCallum; Protecting the U.S. Agriculture and Food Sector, By R. Douglas Meckes; Aligning Priorities with Healthcare Coalitions, By Andrew R. Roszak; Food Fight – Bioterrorism & Emergency Response Capabilities, By Joseph Cahill; Foodborne Outbreaks in Minnesota: Training and Performance, By Kimberley Wetherille & Evan Henke; Buying/Building New State & Local Preparedness Capabilities, By Dennis R. Schrader & John F. Morton; “The Bomber Will Always Get Through” – 80 Years Later, A Prophecy, By Loren B. Thompson; Protecting First Responders from Biological Agents, By Christina Spoons; An Exercise in Utility: The Role of Public Health, By Raphael M. Barishansky & Audrey Mazurek; Dual-Use Disasters: Lessons for Preparedness Professionals, By Earl Stoddard; and Charting New Waters in Biosecurity, By Catherine Feinman



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